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Prayer Points


  1. Praise God time is quickly approaching for our flight back to Ghana, December 4th from Louisville.

  2. October 2017 DMM Totals - All people baptized are in discipleship groups learning how to make disciples that make disciples.

New Groups: 66

New Groups (YTD): 299

Baptisms (New): 185

Baptisms (YTD): 1312

Total Tribes (YTD): Gonja (479), Ewe (98), Gao (34), Hausa (7), Dagomba (205), Plantara (6), Dagati (143), Vagla (2), Konkomba (78), Deg (17), Chokossi (26), Fulani (59), Wala (21), Kotokoli (3), Mamprusi (8), Birifor (1), Jula (9), Moshi (6), Busanga (2), Gurunshi (11), Gurma (7), Bimoba (3), Wangara (1), Sissala (10), Toura (17), Zerma (4), Bete (1), Bujangki (1), Kabre (5), Ashante (17), Kususi (2), Nfani? (22), FraFra (8)

  3. Praise God Isaac is back in Cote d'ivoire following up on a DMM network that is forming. In addition to training leaders from Congo, Guinea, Mali and Cote d'ivoire and Nigeria, he has recently reconnected with an old friend who has connections to a North African country. Praise God for allowing us to be a part of what He is doing. 

  4. Praise God that Amy and I are getting healthier everyday. Amy has lost close to 40 pounds and I have lost close to 30 and my labs show much improvement as well as my diabetic medicines have been lowered significantly. We are both feeling much better physically. 

  5. Praise God for Jared and Anna have their Ghana standards board approval as well as their export license for the shea nuts business that has begun.

  6. Praise God Isaac's daughter has healed nicely from the snake bite and infection.

  7. Praise God for the Graham family who oversee the Permaculture Center and Community Development Outreach to area villages. They have been meeting with the Buipe DMM and keeping me updated on the new baptisms and groups. Praise God for their willingness to hold the fort down while we are in the US. 

  8. Praise God for Job, a Ghanaian Kairos Head Facilitator that Amy certified before she went to the US. Job has continued offering the Kairos training in our absence with Ghanaian facilitators. Kairos is a missions awareness course that mobilizes people to finish the task of reaching all peoples with the gospel.

  9. Praise God for the opportunity to share with Team Expansion's Leadership Training, Disciple Making Movements (DMM) Pre International Conference On Missions (ICOM) training, DMM track workshops and being invited to participate on the exec board of Jonathan Project. Lots of stories to what God is doing in the world.

10. Praise God for the opportunity to celebrate Thanksgiving with our children and also celebrate Christmas the day after Thanksgiving before we head back.

11. Praise God for all of the wonderful visits with friends, family and supporters during our stay in the US.


  1. Please pray for the Buipe DMM Networks. Please pray that they will keep things simple, easily reproducible and sustainable. The discipleship groups are multiplying and it resembles a bush fire spreading across Gonjaland. Please pray that a spark will ignite in Cote d'ivoire that will also spread to other West African Countries. The Ghanaians DMM leaders will begin meeting every other month on their own. Then every other month our team will meet with them. Please pray that the DMM leaders will be able to keep the movement growing while Isaac and Moses take on more of a training role to launch other DMMs in other west and north African countries.

  2. Please pray for the extra resources needed to followup on the doors that God is opening to other countries. Northside Christian pays our salary but there will be many more funds needed to followup on the leaders from various countries that God has allowed Isaac and Moses to train.

  3. Please continue to pray for Isaac and Comfort as they grieve the loss of their 10th child. The baby was born with compllications and died just a few days after birth.

  4. Please continue praying for us as we implement the plan of getting and staying healthy.

  5. Please pray for our time together with our family over the holidays. Leaving them behind is still very difficult.

  6. Please pray for Jared and Anna as they work on business ideas that will help the DMM's be financially sustainable. Please continue to pray for their family's health as they have had many problems with malaria and typhoid this year.

  7. Please pray for Bobby and Mandy as they hold the fort down while we are gone and make progress on the Community Health Evangelism projects, oversee the Permaculture Center and continue working with the Buipe Disciple Making Movement. Also please pray for their safety as they travel to Accra to pick us up when we arrive on December 5th.

  8. Please pray for the Ghanaian guys working at the Tamale studio on various Jesus Film, Walking with Jesus and Bible recordings. There has been a little disunity while we have been gone so please pray that things can be worked out. There is a lot at stake. Please pray that they will become a totally self-sustaining studio.

  9. Please pray for additional funds needed to keep equipment updated that is needed to do quality video and audio recordings. 

10. Please pray for the follow up to all the Kairos trainings. Job will be following up on leaders who attended Kairos and discuss how to make the next Kairos more sustainable by locals and less subsidized from foreign support.

Updated November 22, 2017