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Prayer Points


  1. Praise God for the 380 new discipleship groups and 1650 new baptisms that God blessed the Buipe network with in 2017.

  2. Praise God for the 161 new baptisms we had during January of 2018. Also Praise God for the 29 new groups that began in January as well.

  3. Praise God we had a great year in 2017. Please click on the Evaluation of our 2017 Goals link on our homepage and celebrate with us. Also check out 2018 Goals link on the front page so you can be praying for our 2018 goals to be met throughout the year. 
  4. Praise God we have had several good meetings with Isaac and Moses as well as the leaders of the Buipe DMM since our return. We have concluded that we need 12 section leaders to meet with leaders in each section for coaching and gathering monthly statistics. We were able to give each section leader a bicycle to make it possible to meet with the leaders in their section each month. Praise God for your support that has also made it possible to purchase two motorcycles to allow the Buipe network leaders to expand into new sections of Gonjaland.   

  5. Praise God for two safe trips to and from Accra to work on residency permits for Amy and I as well as begin working on obtaining passports for Isaac, Moses and Hezekiah. We have Hezekiah's and Amy's passport. We are still working on Moses' birth certificate and passport, Amy's work Visa and Terry's work visa.

  6. Praise God that Diallo, a Fulani believer that we have trained, has led to Mallams (muslim leaders) to Christ and taken them for a two month Disciple Making Movement (DMM) training in Burkina Faso. Thanks again to your generous support we were able to provide the finances needed for them to be in the training.

  7. Praise God that Amy and I are staying healthy. We both are continuing to lose weight.

  8. Praise God Jared and Anna and their family are healthy and look forward to a new year of expanding their Shea Nut business and ministry to schools by giving out supplies.

  9. Praise God for the Graham family who oversee the Permaculture Center and Community Development Outreach to area villages and great DMM work. 

10. Praise God for Job, a Ghanaian Kairos Head Facilitator that Amy trained and certified. Job has continued offering the Kairos training in our absence with Ghanaian facilitators. Kairos is a missions awareness course that mobilizes people to finish the task of reaching all peoples with the gospel.

11. Praise God we had a very productive meeting with Great Commission ministry in Accra that we are partnering with to record Jesus Films and Walking With Jesus films.

12. Praise God we are in the process of adding a room to our Buipe house for the treadmill and elliptical to help us implement our plan for staying healthy. We have also added a fence around the house that allows us to let Sasha, our doberman dog exercise and guard the property around our house. We definitely needed to increase security at our Buipe house and again thanks to your generosity we are making these changes.

13. Praise God for the 15 sheep we recently butchered and the Tilapia fish that we harvested from our pond. 

14. Praise God that Lee Wood, a fellow DMMer, has introduced us to some of his DMM people that will be providing DMM Module 2 Training in the middle of March. Isaac, Moses, Amy and I will be traveling to Accra mid-March to meet them and they will travel with us to Buipe to do the module 2 training with some of our leaders.

15. Praise God I have been working at updating our Webpage and things will look significantly different in the next month or two.


  1. Please pray for the Buipe DMM Networks. Please pray that they will keep things simple, easily reproducible and sustainable. The discipleship groups are multiplying and it resembles a bush fire spreading across Gonjaland. Please pray that further leadership development will take place to sustain the multiplication in the to two Gonja segments we are in while we expand into other Gonja segments. 

  2. Please pray that the spark that ignited in Cote d'ivoire will also spread to other West African Countries. Please pray that we can get the passports and work visas needed for Isaac, Moses, Amy, Hezekiah and Terry so we can travel to other African countries to followup on those who have taken our Disciple Making Movements Training (Jonathan Training).

  3. Please pray for the extra resources needed to continue walking through the doors that God is opening to other countries. Northside Christian pays our salary but there will be many more funds needed to followup on the leaders from various countries that God has allowed Isaac and Moses to train. 

  4. Please pray about our 2018 goals (link on homepage).

  5. Please pray for Diallo and his two Mallam (Muslim Leaders) who have accepted Christ and are spending two months at our friends training in Burkina Faso. Everybody at the training is from the Fulani tribe that has been very closed to the gospel.

  6. Please continue praying for us as we keep implementing the plan for staying healthy. Please pray that we can get over the colds that have lingered for nearly a month now.

  7. Please pray for Jared and Anna as they work on business ideas that will help the DMM's be financially sustainable. 

  8. Please pray for Bobby and Mandy as work on Community Health Evangelism projects, oversee the Permaculture Center and continue working with the Buipe Disciple Making Movement. 

  9. Please pray for the Ghanaian guys working at the Tamale studio on various Jesus Film, Walking with Jesus and Bible recordings. We accepted Michael's resignation. Please pray that we find a replacement for him soon. He will leave a big hole. Please pray that they will become a totally self-sustaining studio. 

10. Please pray for the follow up to all the Kairos trainings. Job will be following up on leaders who attended Kairos and discuss how to make the next Kairos more sustainable by locals and less subsidized from foreign support.

11. Please pray for all the details to work out for us to receive module 2 training. We have never done DMM's before and it will be good to talk to people that can help evaluate how we are doing and help us know what our next steps should be.

12. Please pray that the updated Website will look good and help communicate what we are doing. Pray for me with the learning how to keep it updated and looking good.

Updated February 10, 2018